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Together on Mission 2019

Finally Together on a Mission Kenya Conference begins today, for the next 5 days 100s of leaders drawn from different parts of Kenya will be provoked & reminded of our job number one as Christians which is winning souls for Jesus & making disciples.

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We need help to do what we do all year round.
Have you ever considered volunteering at Edfri International? Your time, skills and availability are all different ways, other than prayer and finance, that you can support us and make a big difference.

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New sanctuary in Naivasha

In this amazing season in the ministry, we celebrated and enjoyed the fruits of our hard work. In April 2019,...
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Edfri Community Empowerment Program

Welcome to
Kambakia Christian Centre

Welcome to worship with us every Sunday and during the week at our base in Meru, The Kambakia Christian Centre. Join in our gatherings with 100s of faithfuls joined together in glorifying Jesus.