Hope Rekindled in Turkana
Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00
Hope Rekindled in Turkana.....

BACK IN MERU after what has been amazing few days in Turkana supporting our brothers & Sisters in this region which is badly hit by a prolonged drought that has set in a famine never witnessed in recent times. I saw new hope rekindled among the targeted families

The crisis has affected over a million people, who require relief support to remain alive. The plight of the affected has been worsened as both local & international media hasn't given this crisis the attention and coverage it's deserves. We have used our our weekly well watched TV program known as 'a miracle in the village' in sharing with all our viewers the situation as we have experienced it while serving our 23 churches scattered in  Turkana.

As I write this brief report on our latest visit to Turkana, we have been approached by the office of Her Excellency the 2nd Lady Hon Mrs Rael Ruto ( Wife of the Deputy President) who is doing all she can in mobilizing the country to give towards a major relief program in Turkana and West Pokot. This has encouraged us so much as it is clear that she is better placed to get even the corporate institutions on board attracting significant funding for the much needed relief supplies.

This last trip, had both very high points as well as very low points:


( 1) The many testimonies from our Pastors telling stories of many giving their lives to Jesus and being added to the churches

(2)  Meeting some of the first people we met and who had been badly affected by the famine looking health and strong.

( this mother and her baby were in very bad shape 5 weeks ago, after the relief food both are looking healthy)

(3)  This story was my best. After we issued enough relief stock in a village badly affected by famine and giving their Pastor a new motorbike, the whole village went into a frenzy of singing and dancing through out the night.
(Kakuma 2 Pastor receives the new motorbike with some of our members witnessing and celebrating the goodness of The Lord among them)

( Fridah being assisted by Pastor Joseph as they distribute food to our members at Kakuma 2 Centre)

(4)   A general resurrection of hope in the areas we are targeting .


(1)  Hearing stories of people loosing their loved ones

(2)  Lack of enough relief stocks in the midst of absolute great need

(3)   Huge logistical challenges that we don't any control of.

(4)   Very little being done by the local leaders and even the National Government

(5)   Conflict among the tribal/clans arising from cattle rustling and fighting over the scarce resources like water & vegetation


>   Maintain our focus of assistance to the 400-500 families up till November 2014

>    Invest in the fish project we helped start last year and which has become so viable by buying two motor boats and a few motor bikes to help with transporting fish into the manyattas and Lodward market where the fish has a better priced market.
( standing on the shore of lake Turkana and in the background is our fishermen and our boats getting ready to get into the deep waters of the lake for a big catch)

(fish being starched into 60kg bags ready to be taken to the market or to be dried up)

( this is dried fish ready for far markets)

>   Assist Pastor Joseph Lemlil with a basic but well built structure that will serve him and his family, and at the same time serve as a good base to coordinate the entire work in Turkana

As I conclude this report, I once again say a big thank you to all who have found time to pray for this crisis and in supporting us touch the lives of these deserving people. If you prayed along the following, you will do us a lot of good:

(1)   Sufficient rain and in good patterns

(2)   Peaceful co existence of the different clans

(3)   Financial and other required resources

(4)   Protection for the teams serving

(5)   Much grace and wisdom

(6)   Permanent solution to be found.

God bless you all,

Your brother & friend,

Edward Buria
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